Thanks to all those customers who have sent in their testimonials.  We hope to hear from new customers on how our products work for you!!  Click here to Email us your story.

  • JAMES W. of Cockeysville, MD writes…..

Just wanted to say thanks!  Not only did I receive my order a mere TWO DAYS after placing it, your product worked GREAT!  I had a week old-ground in gum spot that I was not looking forward to “freezing and chipping” out; GUM REMOVER took it out in about 3 minutes!

  • MAGGIE J. of Bellevue, WA writes…..

“I bought a SHINE MOP from you that I love… So I bought another for my Arizona home.

Then I bought as gifts, two for my daughters and another one for a friend.  My friend loved it and she bought one for her elderly father, one for her daughter, and two more for friends.

Now I’m giving one as a gift to a friend who just remodeled her kitchen.

The mop is great for tile floors, there is so little water use so as not to darken light grout.  They are great to have and great to give! “

  •  MRS. S. of Medina, WA writes…..

“I just recently purchased the SHINE MOP and would like to tell you how pleased I am with it.

It mops the floor so much faster than ones I’ve tried in the past, gets into the corners and under cabinets so easily and doesn’t leave mop marks after the floor dries.   (I have a stone floor and this was a problem in the past.).

I am definitely going to recommend it to all my lady friends!”

  • DIANE R. of Tonawanda, N.Y. writes…..

“I just borrowed one of your products to use on my kitchen cabinets from a friend of mine, it’s WOOD GLO with orange oil.

I have never been so impressed with a cleaner before.  It took off finger marks I have been trying for years to remove.”

  • Barbara D. of Snoqualmie, WA writes…..

“KLEENCO’s liquid STAINLESS STEEL POLISH is the greatest.  I tried using one the manufacturer of my stainless steel kitchen appliances recommended in their literature and all it did was smear everything.”

“Then, I was able to find out that KLEENCO’s liquid STAINLESS STEEL POLISH was the polish used by the crew that cleaned up my house after all the appliances were installed.    There were no smears left when they were done – And it works just as well for me too.”

  • JANE J. writes…..

“I just had to write and thank you for the miracle product PET OUT, that you recommended and sold to me.    I own an elderly diabetic cat who has a tendency to throw up his food quite often and leaves terrible yellow stains on my off-white carpet.

I had tried everything, Woolite Carpet Cleaner, Resolve, Quick and Brite, Chem-Dry, Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover, Nature’s Miracle, and Equalizer Pet Stain Remover and all failed to remove the stain completely.

I then resorted to having who I consider the best professional carpet cleaning company come and tackle the situation.  Still the stains remained, and even looked worse because, now the rest of my carpet was exceptionally clean and made the stains stand out.

When I came to your company for another product, I asked if you had anything to solve the yellow pet stains.  You recommended PET OUT, and I have to admit I was skeptical, but I am a believer now!  I sprayed PET OUT on all the yellow stains and watched them disappear right before my eyes.  I then sprayed it on a two-year old yellow stain that I had felt was a hopeless case, and again it disappeared right before my eyes.  It also zapped a coffee mocha stain on my living room.

I am trying to sell my house and have felt that the pet stains on the carpet were a great determent to any potential buyer.  I was becoming more and more stressed with each new stain.  Your company and your marvelous product, PET OUT, have erased the stains and my stress!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  •  SHIRLEY M. of Redding, CA writes…..

“Recently I had the opportunity to put one of your products, KITTY SCRAM to a real test.

Our home is located on acreage not yet fenced and so we play host to a variety of wildlife.

One night a neighbor’s dog got loose and ran smack into the granddaddy of all skunks who just happened to be passing by.

This encounter occurred under and all around a storage barn, which housed among other items a new set of luggage that I was getting ready to fly to N.Y. with.  WELL!! You can imagine my feelings of complete horror at the prospect of traveling with this most unmistakable odor!

I went to a local merchant (Hokema’s Appliances) who carry vacuums, carpet care items etc, and with tears in my eyes (not only from frustration but the odor as well) explained my plight.

They suggested I try KITTY SCRAM and said they weren’t certain about skunk odor but it might be worth a try, and wished my luck.

I did!… It worked! I will be forever grateful to you for your product and for helping me to maintain my dignity.

Thank you a million times over.”

  • Carlita of Washington State relates…..

“I came in to your store for another product and the girl at the Janitorial Supply Center in Bellevue, WA recommended I try KLEENCO OLD TIME WOOD FLOOR WASH.

She told me that the vinegar and water I was using was actually leaving soil behind.  And that soil was building up on my wood floors and making them look dull.

I had already washed my wood floors that morning and nobody was at home to walk on them, so I decided it would be a good time to do a test.

I bought your WOOD WASH, went home and immediately washed my floor again.  I could not believe my eyes! My mop water with the WOOD WASH was black!

I’m going back for my 2nd container now, and I want to tell you that after mopping my wood floor for about a month using the WOOD WASH the shine was back to my floor.  Whereas before, I thought I was going to have to have my floor refinished to get the shine back.”

  •  MICHELLE D. of Sumner, WA writes…..


My daughter was wearing her favorite white tea party shirt at daycare one day and got grape juice down her front, along with black cherry jam! When I went to pick her up her teacher said they had tried to get her to take it off before eating but she threw a fit (I guess the pre-two’s were setting in).  Thus you can tell it meant very much to her.  The teacher was apologetic.  I said, “I have a great spot cleaner at home I could use.”  She looked at me like I was crazy and said “You do realize that stain is over 4 hours old and is probably set right in?” I said “No bother, EFFORTLESS will get it out.”

I went home thinking I would put it in the wash right away…. Well, needless to say when washday came (3 days later) I was horrified to see the shirt still in the wash. I thought, “How will I ever get this stain out now.”  I reached for the EFFORTLESS, then, after letting it set while I washed another load, I put it in the washer with a great deal of hope and worry.  Well, let me tell you, I will never worry about another stain as long as I have EFFORTLESS on my side.  When I put that shirt in the dryer it was glistening white again!

My daughter wore that shirt the very next day at daycare and her teacher asked how long I had to scrub and soak to get it back so clean.  I said, “It was really quite EFFORTLESS”!

Thank you KLEENCO for making EFFORTLESS.”

  • DALE S. of Bellevue, WA writes…

“My wife Diane, uses 3 KLEENCO laundry spot lifters and we do not have any spots on our clothes.  In fact, I ask her to do our laundry before taking it to the dry cleaners because she can get the spots out and they cannot.

She uses them as follows:

MICRO SOLVE first.  It’s an enzyme spotter that removes grease, oil and other food protein stains (tomato juice, spaghetti sauce, etc.)

EFFORTLESS next.   This spotter safely removes common stains like juices, jams, grass and other soils.

And finally, IT’S GONE.  This professional strength laundry spotter is for stains such as lipstick, mascara, perspiration and massage oils.”

  •  Lori B. of Tucson AZ relates…..

I love KLEENCO’s PK-200! I make my husband, when he goes to Washington on business trips, stop in and get some for me.

For walls, I just wet a damp cloth with water and dab a bit of PK-200 onto the cloth and simply wipe off any dirt.  I also have large tile floors here in Arizona and clean them by diluting PK-200 (at the recommended 40z. to 1 galloon of water) in a mop bucket and mop them clean.  It’s the only cleaner I’ve found that really keeps my floors clean.”

  •  Marguerite S. of WA relates…..

“My house cleaner and I have actually developed a friendship because of KLEENCO products.”

“She says I am her only client that provides her with products that really work.  PK-200 is fantastic, we use it everywhere.”

“And she loves the commercial sponge mop I bought for her at KLEENCO.”

  •  JOYCE C. of Issaquah, WA writes…..

“Here I go again, writing about another product of yours which I find to clean better than ones I’ve used in the past.

PK-200 is one I use for just about everything.  It cleans without streaking.  It’s concentrated so I can use it to my specifications (usually 1:4 – 1:8) and it smells fresh.

You have so many products that I’ve used, and every one I truly like… from your WOOD WASH to your COFFEE OUT, EFFORTLESS and CONCENTRATE GLASS CLEANER.  They all work very well.

By the way, I told a friend about PET OUT, they said it was the best product they have ever used.”

  •  JOYCE C. of Issaquah, WA writes…

“I am writing this letter to let you know how wonderful I think SHOWER FRESH cleans.  There are several products on the market, which are similar to yours but not nearly as effective.  I used your product on a shower, which had quite a build up of soap scum, and with very little effort on my part the shower was shiny clean and smelled great.

I am so happy with this product that I have most of my clients using SHOWER FRESH in between my visits.  My only request is that you package it in gallon sizes for my use.

Thank you for your new product.  It truly makes my job easier.”

  •  Leonard O. of Tuskegee, AL writes…

I first learned about Terra Wash laundry detergent from the Alergy Relief Store in Montgomery, where the manager, Phil let me smell it.  Even in concentrated form, it has no smell.

It does a great job cleaning clothes; it contains all natural, environmentally-safe ingredients; and it neutralizes allergens.  Moreover, it does a much better job than standard non-scented detergents in leaving clothes odor-free and natural. Even my girl friend who has chemical sensitivities and can detect the slightest fragrance, could not detect an odor with TERRA WASH.

After having used TERRA WASH laundry detergent for six months, I highly recommend it as a cleaning product for those with allergies.