Floor Machines

No other floor machines run like the licensed Power-Flite swing machines. Low-torque exchange configuration permits the smoothest activity on the grounds that the outstanding task at hand remains on the floor, not in the administrator’s hands. These super elite floor supports do everything! They scour, strip, shower perfect and buff, cap clean, cleanser, rub, pound or sand. Power-Flite floor scrubbers include essential licensed security highlights: one piece base and engine lodging, totally encased capacitors, non-conductive base, and engine lodgings, and no uncovered wires. The novel, single piece formed engine lodging of these floor scrubbers give exactness parity to the whole machine and takes out the “jolt” found in different machines at power start-up. The one-piece engine lodging likewise makes it simple to get to the engine for cleaning and overhauling. Run Power-Flite floor scrubbers only one time and instantly you’ll perceive the distinction in the simplicity of activity and control. Browse 17″ and 20″ electric floor cradles and 30″ propane floor strippers.