Power-Flite burnishers give you get to add up to cushion to-floor contact. The outline and building of a Power-Flite fast floor polisher give unrivaled execution and accuracy balance without the requirement for a remunerating caster. Not exclusively are Power-Flite burnishers more flexibility, however, there is no wheel to keep the cushion from covering the floor. All models give a full cushion to floor contact.

For a definitive in ultrafast floor cleaning, pick propane burnishers. Nothing can contend with the work rating and results got from a propane controlled floor polisher. Power-Flite propane burnishers offer motors running from 13 hp to 20 hp. The propane line surpasses the CARB and EPA directions for safety. Power-Flite electric burnishers likewise highlight gliding, all steel handles with hostile to weariness grasps to take the strain off of the administrator’s arms and hands.

The new Power-Flite battery burnisher gives calm rapid cleaning without lines or gas. With a 2000 rpm cushion speed, it contends with the propane burnishers on work rating and results. The residue accumulation framework diminishes dust enhancing air quality. It is a great decision for schools and medicinal services offices where commotion and air quality are generally critical.

With a decision of electric, battery, or propane burnishers, Power-Flite gives you both efficient and tried and true polishing.